Opcondys Presents at iMatSci

Opcondys presented at the iMatSci Innovation Showcase of the Materials Research Society’s 2018 Fall Meeting in Boston on November 27th and 28th. The Showcase provided a platform for innovators at universities, research labs and start-up companies to demonstrate the practical applications of their materials-based technologies. With a goal of spurring collaboration that will accelerate the adoption of new materials technologies for real-world applications, iMatSci connects these innovators with early-stage investors, corporate technology scouts, R&D professionals and potential partners.

The Showcase provided Opcondys with an opportunity to both exhibit and to pitch before an audience of investors, innovators and industry professionals. Many of the over 6000 Fall Meeting attendees visited the Opcondys booth to learn about the innovative use of silicon carbide in the OTV. Kristin Sampayan, CEO, pitched on the Hub Stage of Hall D in the Hynes Convention Center in front of an audience of investors, industry representatives and other innovators. Her presentation of both the technology behind the OTV and the plan to bring it market was well received.