Stanford Global Energy Forum Invites Opcondys to Exhibit at the Innovation Showcase

On November 1, 2018, Opcondys was one of only 30 start-ups to exhibit by invitation at the Stanford Global Energy Forum Innovation Showcase. At the Forum, illustrious speakers such as George Shultz, Condoleeza Rice, Jerry Brown, Bill Gates and many others from government, academia and industry offered participants an opportunity to gain insight into emerging trends in energy and the rapidly transforming sectors of the global energy ecosystem. It provided a platform to foster connections among visionaries who are advancing global energy policy and practice. At the Innovation Showcase, forum participants learned from Opcondys about the revolutionary OTV and how its use in high voltage direct current transmission and distribution, grid-tied energy storage inverters and fast electric vehicle chargers can reduce energy losses and  greenhouse gas emissions while saving capital and operating costs. Many attendees were impressed with the advance that the OTV makes in the field of power electronics and its potential to revolutionize electricity distribution and use.

 “This is a tremendous opportunity to spread the word about this new technology and the impact it can have on how electrical energy is transmitted and used around the world,” said Kristin Sampayan, founder and CEO of Opcondys. “We are very excited to exhibit here and have made connections with several potential customers and partners.”

Kristin Sampayan represents Opcondys at the Stanford Global Energy Forum Innovation Showcase