Opcondys Begins Phase II of ARPA-E CIRCUITS Project

Opcondys has been authorized to begin work on Phase II of its ARPA-E CIRCUITS Award. The Phase I objectives were recently met by demonstrating operation of the OTV at 20 kilovolts and 2.5 amps at 75 kilohertz switching frequency. This switching frequency is nearly ten times faster than has been achieved by any other device at this voltage level and represents a significant improvement in high voltage switching performance. Other aspects of the OTV performance, including integrity through repeated thermal cycling, were also demonstrated.

 In Phase II, focus will turn to manufacturing and testing a complete OTV prototype and preparing it for use in a unique grid-tied energy storage inverter. The prototype is expected to be ready for testing in late 2019 with products available to customers shortly afterward.

 “Moving on to Phase II is an exciting step for us. This funding is allowing us to move quickly to produce a prototype and bring the OTV to market,” said Kristin Sampayan, CEO of Opcondys.

Opcondys plans to begin hiring engineers and technicians soon to provide technical support for the project. A move to a new facility is in the works as well which will give the company room to work and continue to expand.