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The Opticondistor

The Opticondistor (OTV) is the next generation in power electronics.

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The Opticondistor is controlled by light

The opticondistor (OTV) is a novel device that will operate in a regime where standard semiconductor devices cannot operate due to inherent voltage and current limitations.  Made of wide bandgap materials and controlled by light, the OTV is a device that far exceeds the capabilities of existing semiconductor power switches.  Power flows through the bulk of the device rather than being limited to a narrow region as in existing power semiconductors. The higher voltage breakdown and temperature characteristics and faster response time of wide bandgap materials provide the OTV with superior power handling ability. When used in power equipment, the OTV will enable smaller, lighter, more energy-efficient power equipment.

Light control offers a unique advantage

Because the opticondistor is optically controlled, control circuitry is electrically isolated from the switched high voltage and the devices can be stacked to achieve virtually unlimited voltage and current capability.

OTV Stacked Illustration