ARPA-E ULTRAFAST Project Awarded to Opcondys

Opcondys has been awarded one of 15 projects in the new ARPA-E Unlocking Lasting Transformative Resiliency Advances by Faster Actuation of power Semiconductor Technologies (ULTRAFAST) program. Our project will produce a module for ultra-fast suppression of destructive, nanosecond timescale, lightning and electro-magnetic pulse induced transients. This device, upon detection of a transient on a utility line, will use the Optical Transconductance Varistor (OTV) to match line impedance and prevent reflection and multiplication of transients. It takes advantage of the fast reaction time of the OTV and analog devices. The switch module will be connected to utility lines and when a transient is detected, it will activate the module and prevent reflection of the transient and subsequent destruction of grid connected equipment.

“We are excited to be a part of the ULTRAFAST Program and look forward to bringing this new technology to market. We expect that it will prevent a significant portion of the damage that is caused by lightning and other electromagnetic disturbances and will make the electrical grid much more reliable,” said Kristin Sampayan, Opcondys’ CEO.

The project is slated to be performed over the next three years and will entail design, analysis, fabrication and testing of the device. “We are always looking for the right people to help us grow the company and bring our products to market. With this project we have need for additional engineering and technical staff to join us. Please check our postings,” Sampayan added.